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Located to 5Km of Alicante, in the residential complex of Urbanova, in the direction of Elche and with access by state highway N-332 (deflection towards Urbanova) is the beach of the Saladar

Near the international airport of the Altet and the impressive building of the Office of Harmonization of the Inner Market of European Unio'n (OAMI).

This beach is also well-known like Aguamarga.

Golden, windy fine sand beach and of moderate surge, with a length of 1,600 ms and one average width of 52 ms.

Attendance of the Red Cross, rescue and rendering first aid this present in Easter and from June to September. Beach of blue flag

There is service of buses public

In its South direction zones indicated for the nudist, nudist beaches

Clay beach proportions, bordered by an exclusively peatonal marine stroll. With zones of recreation and leisure.

Restaurants of great variety, like Pizzeria Provenzale. Pharmacy. Kiosks. Supermarkets.

disco bar - Chill out playa Chill out playa

Live music, exhibitions, place of encounter in the peatonal stroll of the beach of the Saladar in the residential and tourist center of Urbanova

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