Carabasi Beach

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Located in the tourist complex of the Gran Alacant, from which the light of Santa Pola is descried, it borders to the north of the Arenales del Sol beach , municipality of Elche and to the south with Beach of the East of Santa Pola. From its coasts we can descry the island of Tabarca, with its transparent waters, exits from Alicante and Santa Pola, visits turistica, savors one of her flavorful paellas next to the sea.

Near the international airport of the Altet

There is service of buses public from Santa Pola and in summer from Elche, happening through the Altet and Arenales del Sol

Clay beach proportions, bordered by pines, ideal zone for picnic, with qualified places Golden, transparent windy fine sand beach and of moderate surge, waters, beach of seaweed.

In its North direction, nudist beaches.

The nights of summer one becomes leisure center, beach bars on the brink of madness sea, with modern music, where you can dance, center of encounter of many young people, night club dancing with service of buses.

Carabassi beach photos
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