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The Boulevard of Méndez Núñez

  This avenue is one of the main arteries of the city and commercial street par excellence. Here they are, the main banks, restaurants and cafeterias. All the great civic, religious, political or festive manifestations have their step forced by this Boulevard. The Esplanade or Marine Stroll finalizes directly in.

Boulevard of Mendez Nuñez Central Market

Maisonave boulevard

Maisonave boulevard  

  At the moment very fashionable by its variety of stores and establishments, centric, to 2 minutes of the station of the Train (Station of Madrid. In the Avd. Maisonave and the Avd. Spy Oscar.

Zone Center

 Main pedestrian area in the heart of Alicante, where you can go shopping and taste a delicious meal in the moonlight, at the outside tables of a variety of restaurants close to Portal de Elche and Plaza Gabriel Miró

Park Commercial and of Vistahermosa Leisure

  The Commercial Park and of Vistahermosa Leisure enjoys an aesthetic vanguardista and Mediterranean inspiration, cradle in the concept of different leisure that it is complemented more with the specialized commercial supply. In the great central seat, covered by a spectacular carp, they weekly occur all type of events for the benefit of greater children and. To our situated facilities in Avda. Branches Carratalá 56-60, it is possible to be acceded in private vehicle (is parking free) or making use of the public transport: urban buses.

Shoping Center "Panoramis

 Located in the port of Alicante, the entrance this near the park Canalejas, is acceded by the marine stroll

 Shoping Center Panoramis

Shoping Center "Puerta de Alicante"     Situado en el Polígono de babel.

Shoping Center "Gran Vía"

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