History of Alicante

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City of Roman foundation, Its lot was the one that today occupies, to the west of the old helmet, the district of Benalúa in which for a century they have been coming appearing Roman rest that they include a period between s. I to J.C.. and s. VIII d J.C.. in addition, in the proximity of the station of the railroad of Murcia, appeared an inscription dedicated to Frame Aurelio and Co'modo by the Municipality of Lucentum, that is the primitive name of the city.

In second half of s. VIII the installation of a contingent of Arabs, Syrians and North Africans, is located in the property from field on the foot of the Benacantíl mount, in whose top already a small bunker existed of time. Of this primitive altomedieval establishment one goes away developed the one that with the centuries will happen the present city, that in s. XI had mosque with púlpito according to testimony of Al-Edrisí, and at times later it will be an important port for the insipid export of ropes of esparto and.

Later it will export also wines and in s. XVIII the alicantino port has its apogee. The city had been conquered by Alfonso of Castile to fulfill the pact of Almizra. But Jaime II will definitively take it to the assault uniting it to the Aragonese crown and the Valencian kingdom. Alicante was alternatively borbónica and Austrian in the succession war, during which mimada and good part of the castle, that already had suffered, like the city was flown, a violent bombing in the beginning of the fight. In centuries XVIII and XIX the growth of the commercial importance of the city becomes well-known and thus it is able to become 1833, in head of the province just created.


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