Popular celebrations of Alicante

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Parade of disguises and music outdoors.

   Popular verbena in the zone of the Boulevard and the district, pasacalles, contests of infantile disguises.

Santa Faz:

Romerķa. Secondly Thursday after Passover.

Peregrination from Alicante to Santa Faz, the procession in the morning begins to 8.00 from the Cathedral of San Nicholas, following its route behind the city council, Avd. of Denia until Santa Faz where Santa Misa in the place is celebrated outdoors.

 For that they do not want to be walking from the beach of the Postiguet to Santa Faz is service of buses, roundtrip every 10 minutes.

Hogueras of San Juan:

The fire and the powder are present in most of the celebrations of Alicante. Moors and Christians, Bonfires, Pyrotechnics, Parades and festivales most of constitute the main ingredients of celebrations in Alicante.

The Hogueras of San Juan are the most important celebration of the province, begin day 20 to the 29 of June. The primitive root of the celebration concentrates in which the light does not disappear in the longest day of the year, replacing with the fire the sun so that
this one does not die

 Everything begins day 20 with " planta" , the same day begins the traditional contest of mascletas in the well-known Place of the Stars and at night the aim of the plant is celebrated. From the 21 to the 24 to the 8:00 in the morning all the bonfire commissions they make wake up with charangas and tracas by all the corners of the city

Day 14 - Entrance of Bands.
Day 15 - parade of ninot.
Day 22 - Traditional offering of Flowers.
Day 23 - Folkloric parade the International.
Day 24 - I complete holiday, to the 24:00 becomes in the castle
of Santa Barbara, The Palm. And from the 12 at night, they begin
the Cream of all the Bonfires of the City of Alicante.

And to finalize from the 25 to the 29 a contest is done of Fire Castles from the Beach of the Postiguet,
thus giving by finalized Bonfires of San Juan.

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